Countrywide Cake Decorations

Updated 1st Jan 2017

We are Australian distributors of
Kopykake and Decopac / Bakery Crafts products

Kopykake manufacture all the peripherals to produce EDIBLE IMAGES for PHOTO CAKES - food colour ink cartridges, frosting sheets and colour refills. Scan and print any picture onto a Frosting Sheet then apply this to the surface of the cake and it melds in so it appears to be printed directly onto the cake! Kopykake also manufacture AIRBRUSH / COMPRESSOR SETS, Kakeband, Kopykake projectors and other cake decorating equipment.

Decopac took over Bakery Crafts in 2015 and combined the 2 businesses in 2016.

Decopac products encompass a huge range of plastic cake toppers and decorations for all occasions - Christmas, birthdays, weddings, etc. Items include trees, clowns, sporting themes as well as a wide variety of CUP CAKE PICKS. They also supply airbrush colours, squeeze gel colours and star glitter. We stock and distribute the DECOPAC DECOSETS CAKE DECORATION PROGRAM of pre packaged cake kits specifically designed for bakeries and cake shops - the easiest way to offer your customers a magnificent decorated cake range.

Both these companies have their own extensive web sites and we offer links so you can access detailed information on their products directly. Ensure you return to our site later as there are limitations on the ranges available in Australia due to licensing restrictions and compatibility of equipment such as computer printers.